Dead Body Freezer Box

Contact KriyaKarm in Bangalore for the best body freezer box services. Their freezer boxes provide colder temperatures compared to regular options, ensuring proper preservation.


Ambulance Hearse Van

KriyaKarm services in Bangalore, Karnataka, offer round-the-clock ambulance services, hearse van services, and transportation services for the deceased. Count on them for reliable and accessible support whenever needed.


Cremation Services

During this challenging time, rely on us for comprehensive cremation services, ensuring a dignified final rite for your loved one. Let us handle all the arrangements, allowing you to focus on being with your family and friends.


Funeral Samagri

During difficult times of loss, offers convenience by providing all the necessary funeral samagri and puja requirements in their package, eliminating the need to search for them separately. Trust KriyaKarm for comprehensive Hindu funeral services in Bangalore.


Pandit for Funeral

Find experienced Pujaris for Hindu Karma Kanda Poojas, Telugu and North Indian Karma Kanda, Funeral Rituals, Last Rites, Apara Kriya, Cremation Services, and Brahmin Funeral Services. Trust our dedicated team of Pujaris for comprehensive funeral and cremation services.

Obituary Service

Ease the burden of informing society, known families, and friends about the death of your loved one by entrusting ntim to create a personalized and memorable obituary, relieving you of this social responsibility.

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