Last rites, or Antyeshti, are Hindu burial ceremony rites performed in accordance with the deceased’s wishes. They involve cremation, followed by the immersion of ashes in a sacred stream. These ceremonies represent the final samskaras in a holistic system that ideally spans from conception to the end of life.

In Bangalore, we offer skilled and reliable Pandits at the best price. You can conveniently book an in-person or online Pandit for Hindu Antim Sanskar Vidhi, last rituals, or first death anniversary rites in Bangalore. Simply click the “Book a Pandit” button, contact us via phone, or send an email to secure the services of professional Pandits for Antim Vidhi Hindu burial rites and Death rituals. Trust us to provide a seamless and dedicated experience for these important ceremonies.

Skilled and experienced Vedic Pandits will conduct the Last Rites, adhering to Vedic procedures and standards with professional guidance and unwavering support throughout the process.

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Kriyakarm provides a range of services including Antim Kriya, Pindadhan, Dasgatra shraddh, barshik shraddh, Parvan Shradh, Narayanbali Shraddh, Therpendi Shraddh, Hindu last Rites Service, and Pandit for Last Rites. They also offer top-notch ambulance services in Bangalore and specialize in providing North Indian pandits for Last Rites.


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