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The last rites, known as Antyeshti or Antim Sanskar in Hinduism, are performed according to the customs and wishes of the deceased individual. These rites are a culmination of the sacred observances, known as samskaras, which ideally begin at conception and persist throughout a person’s life.


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In Bangalore, we offer services to assist you in finding a skilled and reliable Pandit for various Hindu rituals, including the Antim Sanskar Vidhi (last rites) or first death anniversary rites. Whether you require an in-person Pandit or prefer to book an online Pandit, we have you covered.

To avail our services, you can simply click the “Book a Pandit” button on our website, give us a call, or send us an email.

The Last Rites are conducted by highly skilled and experienced Vedic Pandits who adhere to Vedic procedures and standards throughout the entire process. These Pandits are well-versed in the rituals and traditions associated with the Last Rites, ensuring that they are performed with utmost care and precision.

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Antim Sanskar or Antyesti, Hindu funeral rites, encompass cremation and sacred river ash disposal, carried out based on the deceased’s caste and sect, serving as the final samskara in a lifelong series of sacraments.


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Book a Pandit in Bangalore for Last Rites, the largest online platform offering Hindu funeral death rituals, Antim Sanskar Vidhi, and Death rituals performed by experienced Pandit Ji for 4 days and 13 days.


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Experience the best customer service for your beloved's last rites. Our hassle-free service provides trusted Pandits, ensuring a seamless and comforting experience.




Highly recommended Vedic priests with expertise. Their services include ambulance service and excellent package options, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfactory experience.




Kriyakarm provided exceptional service, including crematorium service, ambulance service, and Pind Dhan puja, all at a low price, ensuring a seamless and affordable experience.



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Kriyakarm provides a comprehensive range of services for Hindu last rites, including Antim Kriya, Pindadhan, Dasgatra shraddh, and more. They also offer top-notch ambulance services in Bangalore and North Indian pandits for last rites, ensuring a complete and reliable support system during difficult times.



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